Romberg’s sign is a physical finding that can occur in people with vertigo or balance disorders. It involves the loss of balance during standing, specifically when turning or walking. This feeling usually increases if the person closes their eyes.

Romberg’s Sign tests sense of Balance

Moritz Heinrich Romberg. Says Romberg often sees patients who can still see the sign and struggle to maintain a healthy posture. Due to the lack of sensation.

Without sensation, many will walk more slowly in certain postures, or they may even walk with a limp.

Moritz Heinrich Romberg

Other signs and symptoms can include confusion, rigidity in the neck and shoulders, unsteady gait. And a lack of coordination, tremors or fumbling during movement, plus dizziness, according to the German ear specialist.

For people who don’t experience tremors, fumbling or unsteady gait. It can lead to a lack of coordination and muscle control from the body, and even more dizziness, says Romberg.

From a neurologic standpoint. The problem with Romberg’s sign is that even people without signs of vertigo. Can have a slow reaction time and Motor Deficits Measurement test.


This test, which Romberg describes as the gold standard for level 1. Is used to measure motor function, attention and fine motor skills.

If there’s no response to the go/no go training. And if the person still can’t walk normally, you can see the signs and symptoms above actually improving.

Moritz Heinrich Romberg

How to treat Romberg’s Sign

If you suspect you have Romberg’s sign. Work with a sports medicine physician or other qualified health professional. Who can conduct a Motor Deficits Test to discover what, if any, specific problem could be causing the issue.

Also, if you are affected by tremors or a fumbling technique. Perhaps it’s Romberg’s sign, though Romberg emphasizes that it’s one of a lot of possible causes for this issue.

As for treatments. Romberg advises that propping up with a pillow is a good start. Because, in his experience, it helps people with Romberg’s sign maintain a good range of motion and balance during activities. It also develops muscle strength so you can use said muscles to prevent or correct side-shifts or erratic gait.

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Once the signs start appearing. Romberg’s gets much of its business from insurance carriers who see their customers getting vertigo during routine office visits.

If someone is getting dizzy, turns sideways or otherwise has a problem while they’re walking. Or while they’re driving, we’re sending everyone to Romberg’s instead of just a doctor or a physical therapist.

Barbara Romberg

Romberg’s Category 5 clinic in Grand Forks, North Dakota is owned by Barbara Romberg.

What does the tech know about Romberg’s?

Like many types of wearable technology, Romberg’s app is a fitness tracker that measures steps and tracks sleep. It can also string together numerous workouts into a single day or week. Fitbit’s VersaClimber and We-Ranger track sleep, while MapMyRide offers similar on and off-road features.

What does occur when you don’t have your eye or ear open?

We see a steady rise in volume, energy and blood pressure while activity levels fall. But then as soon as the person gets blindsided or fumbling, and the blood pressure drops. We see that sharp rise again.

Barbara Romberg

What causes Romberg’s?

Though it’s not totally clear how or why the tech causes dizziness. There are instincts people pick up on early on to help them understand it might be approaching.

You tend to behave differently around people you don’t know, and there’s always something that feels out of place.

Mary Ellen Cassetty

The esteemed Mary Ellen Cassetty is a doctor of acupuncture and co-founder of Cassetty Acupuncture & Wellness.

When you’re out in public, people know that something isn’t right or might not be right around them. Romberg’s is wired in the same way.

Mary Ellen Cassetty

Another idea: according to Cassetty, people with vertigo might act extra cautious when they sense dizziness in others. They might assume that people with vertigo are unstable or might be doing something unsafe she says. This can lead them to act sharply and respond inappropriately to normal environmental cues.

That’s why speech may become slurred or movements may go jittery.

What’s more, studies suggest that being responsible with your blinkers can help lessen dizziness.

Blinking IS the answer. I’d recommend everyone blink a few times every 30 minutes. Just to be sure that blood is clearing out from around the eyes. And that the heart and blood vessels haven’t had time to race. And, if you notice any swelling in the upper extremity, it may be time to run to see a doctor.

Mary Ellen Cassetty

If you have dizziness while on a workout. And it doesn’t seem to be coming from something else, Romberg’s recommends resting and pacing through it.

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What Is Romberg’s Sign? And how to deal with the dizziness?

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