Are you a frazzled parent? Have you been tired of yelling, nagging, threatening, pleading, bribing and begging? Are you sick of whining and crying? Try looking for a way to connect with your child that will bring peace and harmony into the home? If you said yes to any of these questions then I have a solution for you! I also have the instruction manual for your perusal.

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How you can use your real estate investment business to connect with your child and teach them how to tackle the real estate investing business with the same attitude you should have had while raising yourself.

The Importance of Leadership and Vision

When you are raising a child, especially a toddler or a child who is still using their independence to do things on their own, you must teach them how to risk their happiness for the greater good of themselves and everyone else. Not just to help you, but because they need to associate these little faces with a bigger goal.

After you raise a child to tackle real estate investing and create those real estate ideas will define their entire future, I promise you they will remember that feeling of independence when you gave them the opportunity to find their place amongst the big and strong names in real estate. I promise they will remember how Vanessa Fox called them out for not knowing the opposite of today. I promise they will remember feeling dizzy when they found out someone else pays more for a small plot of land.

There will only ever be one leader and one vision for your children and their children.

The Instruction Manual

For these children, the responsibility is all theirs. They are the real estate investors. Although you might work in your real estate business for years and years to come, with each passing year they must remember that the leader is the one who made the big decisions when it comes to running their business and only he or she knows what matters to them, whether it is how much they will be paid, how much profit they are to make, or how much everything in their life runs more smoothly.

I wrote a book called “Raising God’s Child” about my own experience raising an amazing 12-year-old son and his business, as well as the lessons I wish I had known when I was his age.   To help you with your future kids, please go check out the book.

Raising God’s Child

If you can’t find a way to raise your kids with the same mindset and attitude of today for 10+ years, perhaps you should consider starting your own business right now.

Now put down your computer and do some serious soul searching!

Raising your Child

By no means should you attempt to use real estate as a tool to raise your kid?  All toys have limits and eventually get broken.

The Instruction Manual
How to raise kids without overparenting
Source: Ted Ideas

There is an old saying that goes “children need consistency but parents need freedom”. In other words, it’s okay to yell because yelling will bring consistency and freedom to both of us. However, it’s also okay to say, “leave it, go to your room, and meditate” because we don’t need to convince our children to be creative. Instead, we can offer them consistent freedom to create whenever they want. Our kids won’t mind. Our parents will be extremely proud of us.

Many parents find it hard to follow the instruction manual, in order to get their kids to stay still for a long time, especially young kids. However, new research from UCLA has found that offering kids consistent freedom to play will greatly impact how they learn. In other words, play is where the learning happens.

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The Instruction Manual that should have come with your child!

This program teaches parenting skills that will help produce children who are:

  • more resourceful
  • more compassionate
  • more “other-centered”

This program teaches parenting skills that will help produce children who are:

  • Understand why children and parents struggle
  • Dramatically improve the quality of your relationship with your child
  • Establish clear family rules and values
  • Give effective commands
  • Avoid parenting traps
  • Reinforce your child’s pleasing behaviours
  • Give your child appropriate choices
  • Effectively manage public misbehaviour
  • Learn 5 critical mistakes that parents make with teens
  • Teach your children to think positive and feel good
  • Teach kids to turn their mistakes into positive lessons
  • Get your child to mind the first time you say something

In their study, they exposed kids to a variety of games and conditions where they either started quickly, or they slowed down and played soundlessly for a longer period of time.

Learners tend to be more attentive to interactive video games when the environment is conducive to gaining immediate feedback, such as loud noises and visual displays. Interaction games also deepen learners’ tendency to recognise their own mistakes.

Dr Sara J. Southwick

Following the Instruction Manual

In the end, it comes down to giving your child goals and telling them when they are ready to comply. Ideally, your child will expect to receive the same amount of repetition every time they do something that you both want them to learn from. Set the expectation and then prompt your child to start whenever they want. I love to remind my younger kids before they start anything that I am going to play with them, whether it be with a game or sometimes with socks and a book. It works to instil greater consistency and I can even set the expectation that whenever my older daughter finishes finger painting I will praise her for her creativity.

Choosing to do something repetitive can bring resistance in many people. Luckily, new research and new stories are helping us to overcome this. If you are looking for a way to say “no” to feeling frustrated or tired, these effective methods can help.

Focusing on the side effects of everyday activities can also make them easier to accept.

Dr Ann Marie Asher-Smith

In Dr Asher-Smith’s study, people were asked to watch people paint a house they had never seen before. Afterwards, the people participating were asked to paint three different rooms, just as if they hadn’t done the first room before. After they painted each room, they asked the participants to paint a similar room later on.

I’ve become a grassroots mom to one of my grandkids since March of 2008. While rough times are highly adaptable and make for wonderful learning experiences, I would argue that they are a great clue to the best and highest use of parent time. Let’s explore  parenting on several levels, as some parents may be surprised at how they use their time.

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The Instruction Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child

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