Lose weight and get in shape for summer with this beginner’s guide to a weight loss workout plan. Here’s how to create a simple to follow routine that you can stick to all year long. Automate half your everyday movement with a workout playlist that’s easy to listen to. Remembered and completed using a smartphone or tablet.

Weight Loss Workout Beginners Guide

With the right gear, you can’t go wrong in any fitness activity. This expert-approved guide highlights the best gear for optimal performance.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. There are many benefits of regular exercise, including increased energy, improved mental health, more flexibility, and stronger muscles. These are just some of the great reasons to exercise on a regular basis. Some additional benefits of weight loss workouts include lower blood pressure, better sleep quality, and improved cholesterol levels.

Build strength without using all the weight loss workout plan you can lift with this simple new workout routine.

Are you dreading trips to the grocery store? Learn how to take great photos of healthy ingredients at the store using just your camera.

To seamlessly spread awareness about mental health awareness this summer. Why not ask one of the experts to share their tips on how to do a video. And share speaking directly to real people?

At-home bodyweight workouts can help you build strength and muscle. Reduce or eliminate unwanted belly fat and increase energy levels all by yourself. If you want your weight loss workout plan to work you need to accept the weight loss lifestyle.

The right pair of walking shoes can make all the difference. This anatomically/musculoskeletal system-friendly guide shares four cross-training activities you can do at home while you’re on the go.

Weight Loss Workout Plan

Ditch fretting about cleaning up after yourself and washing your workout gear using organic cotton only. Yup, gross, but so effective. This guide shows you how to give your gear some TLC, and how to avoid some common pitfalls.

Want a bonus combo workout? This expert-approved 1-mile run/walk combo will leave you stronger and more agile.

weight loss workout
A young woman using skipping rope to keep fit
Source: Women’s Health Magazine

You know you should be moving. This guide shares the best form for every single part of your body, from your brain to your feet, and how to maximize your movements to prevent injury.

Leave tool-y gloves at home and use your hands to climb five flights of stairs as quickly as possible. Do this every single day this summer instead of stiff-arming your way to the top of the rack at the gym.

This 21-day walking plan will cheer you up, calm your nerves and warm you up at the same time.

Workout Components

An impeccable workout routine comes down to a few key components:

  • You can’t expect to hit the gym and max out every day if your routine isn’t optimized before hand.
  • One can’t hit a healthy weight gain bump by randomly eating all day every day.
  • You can’t believe all the health benefits from one smoothie or Oreo’s worth if you don’t follow a meal plan.
  • Starting with a template that’s been around for years is going to save your shoulders the strain of having to re-learn an entirely new routine.
  • Start with a selection of recipes that range from low to high carb.
  • Replace sugary cereals, cookies, nearly everything processed in your diet with complex carbohydrates.
  • De-glaze and tone down your gluten with double flax meal to gingerbreaden bread.
  • Go heavy on protein with protein based meals like chicken or steak.
  • You don’t need to get an elite level of all the exercise in at one time, as that’s unrealistic in a busy modern life.
  • Aim for a minimum of 2–3 hours of lifting on most days, with a long recovery in between each session.
  • This 2-5 day split can be as simple or as complex as your schedule. Use this as a guideline.
  • Each cool down session can be 1 or 2 min long to accommodate busy lives and lifestyles.
  • The routine is text-based with lots of whiteboard action. You can download the template for your inbox right here, make a copy, and customize it as you see fit.
  • You only need to be able to follow along for the first few minutes before you either forget or get frustrated.
  • This beginner’s guide to an amplified workout plan will get you the nutrients you need to rebuild muscle and rebuild your health.

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Fall and winter can be a pretty rough time for many people, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up all the good things winter has to offer. Here are three tips for taking care of your body while it takes a little extra care to stay healthy and happy all season long:

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Have an extra bag of chips and some oranges in the refrigerator ready for you to pull from when you get up in the morning? That’s one easy thing you can do for a little extra nutrition before going to bed. If snacking is part of your nightly routine, make sure to portion your snack correctly to ensure you’re getting the right amount of calories. For more ideas on eating well all season long, check out our Essential Guide to Healthy Eating. This weight loss workout plan is designed to ensure adequate nutrition at all times.


You probably would prefer not to have booze on hand all winter, so if that’s part of your routine, then take a sleep and hydration break now. Make sure to put your alarm clock away (or keep it next to your bed) so you’ll be awake when your body demands it. If you drink water before bed, make sure to fill up the rest of your glass only half way! If you have a hangover, you may not feel like drinking all day, so adjusting the amount you drink up or down throughout the day can help. To help you get to bed, we provide a few ideas for getting to the point where you’ll be ready to go to bed when your body signals it’s ready.


You’ve probably heard that exercising first thing in the morning is the best practice for sleeping better all day long. Whether you do yoga or simply lace up your sneakers for a walk, get your body moving before getting in bed.


Go outside and look at the perfect view to set the mood before you head to bed. Take your time getting in the perfect position so your face is at the perfect angle to look at the sun, and you won’t be woken up by the changing seasons that come so soon in the fall.

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