Is paresthesia in multiple sclerosis common?

Leg Brace

If you have Multiple Sclerosis you will need to become familiar with terms such as paresthesia or numbness in the hands and face.

Paresthesia is the clinical name given to unusual sensations of the extremities. A burning or prickling sensation is felt in the hands, forearms, legs or feet. Occasionally, paresthesia will be felt as numbness or skin crawling in the face or scalp.

The Difference between Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and Bell’s Palsy

Ramsay Hunt Virus

A rare condition cause by viral infection. Ramsay Hunt Syndrome causes facial paralysis and or a rash on the face or neck.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and Bell’s Palsy are two different conditions that can cause facial paralysis. Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is caused by the herpes virus, while Bell’s Palsy is usually the result of a viral infection or stroke.