Which types of business benefit the most from Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence or AI is fast becoming the way of the future but which types of business stand to gain the most benefit.

As business owners, we are always looking for ways to improve our productivity and efficiency. It’s no secret that technology has played a huge role in helping us do just that. In fact, advances in technology have been so significant over the past few years that they have led to the development of an entirely new category of business tools – artificial intelligence or AI.

Is paresthesia in multiple sclerosis common?

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If you have Multiple Sclerosis you will need to become familiar with terms such as paresthesia or numbness in the hands and face.

Paresthesia is the clinical name given to unusual sensations of the extremities. A burning or prickling sensation is felt in the hands, forearms, legs or feet. Occasionally, paresthesia will be felt as numbness or skin crawling in the face or scalp.