How to fight MS effectively by boosting your mitochondria

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in 1994. Since that time, I have been researching this chronic autoimmune disease to find the best way to fight MS. Furthermore, I know of many individuals who have lived with this autoimmune disease for many years more than I have.

They have found ways of controlling this chronic disease. So can you and I.

To begin with, I had few noticeable symptoms. I had a tingling in my hands and forearms. I had the sensation of spiders crawling over my face. Nothing to be alarmed about.

And then I collapsed in the street on my way to the local shop for lunch.

Now, many years later, I no longer have the tingling in my hands snd forearms. I have horrendous brain fog and need to use a wheelchair to leave the house.

If you, like me, spend your time on social media, you will not have failed to see the term “MS Warrior”.

But, what, exactly, is an MS Warrior?

Fight MS Effectively

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Fight MS

An MS Warrior is, in my opinion, somebody who refuses to accept a life of inability. Somebody who will not accept that there is nothing that they can do.

When you first saw your GP or neurologist and they said the words “You have multiple sclerosis”. What was your reaction? Was it horror, fear or complete incomprehension? These are all perfectly normal reactions.

So, how should you handle a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis? I will be quite honest. I did nothing. At least, not until my first full-blown relapse, when I was forced to finally acknowledge that MS might indeed be something serious.

That was the honeymoon over. I could no longer deny MS. I could no longer bury my head in the sand and hope it would go away.

One of the things I have begun to realise is that you will become well acquainted with your GP. There will be many visits where you are looking for answers. There will be frequent occasions where you need to try a new medication because the old one wasn’t working.

Eventually, you will realise that your destiny lies in your own hands. It is time for you to challenge your chronic illness.

Get your energy back

With this discovery made, you will now know that to fight MS, you are going to need a plan.

The first weapon you will need is the right attitude. You may well be disheartened with that initial diagnosis. You may equally be disappointed with the lack of help from your GP or neurologist.

However, it’s your life. It’s time for you to get up and fight. You need to build a healthy optimistic attitude. MS cannot be cured, but it can be beaten.

The second realisation that I came to, was that pharmaceuticals don’t work. They can ease one symptom at the cost of worsening another.

I was trawling through the tweets on Twitter one afternoon. I really did not have the energy to do much else in those days.

My MS fatigue was unimaginably debilitating. I got up in the morning, tottered downstairs, had a cup of coffee and collapsed on the settee.

And, for many weeks, that was my life.

So due to this complete inaction, I was getting very bored. Daytime TV in the UK is brain-melting. As if the MS was not doing a sufficiently good job already.

However, lady luck was smiling at me. I had been involved in a Twitter conversation about the woes of MS.

The Eureka Moment

And, a lovely lady asked if had I tried the Wahls Protocol. I had never heard of it But, discovered it was a book promoting a health diet.

The cover notes were very compelling and I became more than a little interested. I ordered the book immediately.

After a few days, the book arrived and I started to read it. The front cover claims were quite radical. So, I began to read with great scepticism. After I had read a couple of chapters, my scepticism became interest. And, finally, great excitement.

Dr Wahls has clearly researched her subject very thoroughly and she explains the inner workings of MS and mitochondria most eloquently.

As a result, I now felt that I had a real understanding of what MS is. It is a bodily malfunction at the cellular level.

Furthermore, I can fix this bodily malfunction by changing my diet.

Because at the cellular level my mitochondria are ailing. Which accounts for the total lack of energy that I was experiencing.

I have now read the Wahls Protocol several times. So, it was handy that I had bought the hardcover version.

Did it work? Assuredly, YES. Within only a few days of going gluten-free and dairy-free, I had energy. I could get off my settee and go out to my office and start working.

This was transformational! I had a life again.

Perhaps the most profound realisation to come from this was hope. The hope that to fight MS would not be in vain. There was real hope that MS could be tamed.

Understanding MS

What is MS? And why do I have MS?

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks healthy body cells. These cells are cells in the central nervous system.

Most significantly MS will attack the myelin surrounding the brain cells. This can interrupt or block signals from the brain causing many differing symptoms.

What your cells use to fuel the chemistry of life comes directly from what you feed yourself.

Dr Terry Wahls

The mitochondria are truly amazing cell organelles.

They are responsible for:

  • Providing the energy to run your body.
  • Removing old cells and replacing them with new cells.
  • Regulating your body temperature

Cellular nutrition is everything. It is the very basis of health.

Dr Terry Wahls

The mitochondria are to your cells what the engine is to your car. Without an engine, your car cannot move, and without healthy mitochondria, your body will not thrive.

Cellular Energy Production

Most cells in your body contain mitochondria. Some contain many more mitochondria than others. The more energy that a particular cell needs, the more mitochondria it requires to produce that energy.

Your brain, retina, heart and liver cells contain a lot more mitochondria than the cells in other parts of your body.

Because, thinking, seeing, pumping blood and processing toxins are all high-energy activities.

Toxins can come from medications, pesticides, herbicides and pollution. Toxins will also come as by-products of basic cell functioning. All processes have waste products.

Too much toxicity can overwhelm cells and organs. This can also cause the immune systems to attack “self” or cell structures that belong to us.

How to Fight MS and win

Did I rest on my laurels? Absolutely not. I now knew that I could fight MS and it could be beaten.

So due to this newfound energy and a fuller understanding of MS. I continued my research.

The MS Society confirm that MS occurs when the immune system is not working properly. They don’t go on to explain that the immune system is not working correctly because the mitochondria are being malnourished.

However. the explanation that Dr Wahls has offered, is the only one that makes sense to me. So, I had to find out if diet could do more to improve my situation.

I began by looking at Palaeolithic Diet which is the basis for The Wahls Protocol. From this, I began to view all processed foods with great suspicion.

Food Supplements

The one food supplement I started to take was lipoic acid which seems to be helping keep the brain fog at bay.

As a rule, I don’t believe in taking food supplements. They are a very poor substitute for the real nutrition you get from a healthy diet.

Not all health diets are the same. Eat Right 4 Your Type is a fascinating read. It got me thinking long and hard about my health. There is no longer an affiliate link for Eat Right 4 Your Type but, we are sure you will find it on Biblio.

However, It contradicts the teachings of Dr Wahls and suggests I should not be eating many of the foods I find very beneficial.

Furthermore, this conflicting dietary advice was very confusing for an MS-addled old man, trying to fight MS.

Another angle I explored was Fasting which again has very convincing arguments.

Also, fasting can help you lose weight. But, you will require enormous willpower.

Avoid Toxins

Caring for your mitochondria involves more than just feeding them the correct nutrients. You must also avoid toxins. Perhaps, the most obvious source of toxins comes from smoking tobacco.

There are many harmful chemicals in tobacco products:

  • Arsenic
  • Ammonia
  • Radioactive elements, such as uranium
  • Benzene
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Nitrosamines
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Nicotine is one of the worst of these chemicals, so those of us who vape should take heed.

However, a more surprising source of toxins can be in the food you eat. Here are, a number of dangerous poisons found in food, that you should know about.

Sadly, in our modern society, toxins are everywhere. In our homes, in our air outside, and in our cars.

Traffic pollution is a major source of outside air-borne toxins. You should avoid being around high-traffic areas of your home city.

In our homes, the most innocuous substances can be very harmful. You and/or your partner are very house-proud. You are a slave to cleanliness.

But, this could be doing you real harm. Furniture polish and air fresheners contain some very nasty chemicals.

Recap your Fight MS plan

You may do as many of us do. Try to combat the individual symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

However, you may also come to the realisation that the symptoms are just superficial evidence of disease activity.

Finally, you may come to the decision that the key to overcoming chronic illness is held in your brain.

And you will discover mitochondria and how they power healthy cells. Health at the cellular level will be crucial to beating MS.

The key points we will need to successfully fight MS are:

  • Understand your body and mind.
  • Get to know your disease.
  • Develop a winning mindset.
  • Identify and locate the toxins you must avoid.
  • Learn about mitochondrial nutrition.
  • Stop smoking.

You will find that the changes you need to make to your lifestyle are simple changes. But, these simple changes could transform your whole prognosis.

Remember that brain fog is a real sign that MS is attacking your mind. Many of us have natural lactose intolerance and this can aggravate our illness.

The key to overcoming MS

The first reference that I found suggesting that diet was the answer was The Gold Coast Cure.

Another of the positive references I came across suggested that myelin damage is reversible giving me added incentive to take action.

If myelin damage persists, it is conceivable that some of your neurons will die. Neurons do not regenerate. Once they are lost, they are lost forever.

However, from my observations, an MS exacerbation does not do permanent harm. If you can restore the health of your mitochondria, you can clear your vision, remove your aches and pains, and restore your clarity of thought.

In short, you can fight MS and win. We cannot cure MS. But, we can certainly minimise the worst of the symptoms.

I know that you will have your own opinions on what does and does not work in the fight MS combat.

Please let your voice be heard by leaving a comment in this post. Your thoughts are valuable. So please share.

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