You want your children to succeed in life, so it’s only natural that you want them to dress the part. But as they grow older and develop their own sense of style, how can you let go of the reigns and help them create their own signature look? Check out these tips on how to guide your children into looking successful without sacrificing their individuality. Dress your Children for Success is what every parent wants.

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You’re in a job interview right now. You’re going to make a great impression on your potential employer. Because you’ve researched the company, the industry and the role, and prepared the perfect answers to their questions. You’ve dressed in a suit that best represents your personality, an outfit that reflects your sense of style and professionalism. One has just made the first real steps on your new career path, and you’re feeling excited and nervous.

You’ve heard the old adage that if you dress for success, you will succeed. But what does that mean exactly? How can you be sure that you’re dressing properly for the job you want? This blog will answer these questions. Give you some new ideas, and ensure that you are always putting your best foot forward.

Dress your children for the Occasion

  1. Get Them Involved
    What’s more important. Expressing their opinion on what they wear or giving them the freedom to figure out their own style? If you suspect a lack of self-confidence, try welcoming them to expressing themselves with little-to-no guidance. Encourage them to start building their own style by messing around at first. And don’t keep them strictly to the two-piece, boxy style.
    Check their dozens of pen arrayed neatly as they try pieces on. As they earn confidence, they may move onto the other pieces. And then take them off as they grow more confident. If you want to encourage their previously expressed interest, pull them out a few times a week to see how they like matching their clothes to how they look and then why. Let them freely express how they like their outfits, then reward them when they put their thinking caps on.
  2. Engage Their Brain
    Every one of us has things we’d like to change in our appearance. Perhaps you’re dreading the nightstand, office furniture or grill because you think it’s old, drab, uninviting and a lack of modern, up-to-date connotations.
    If so, here are some things you can work on to reinvigorate your appearance, especially that part of your body that can be a source of constant dissatisfaction.
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If you dress your children with this, you will be a cool mom.

Change how you take the morning shower. A skip in the showerhead oftentimes gives people the same runny nose you do, and some of the shower heads have an uncanny ability to pick up leftovers like a locust.

Fix your sloped, outdated grill. If you’re lucky, you can patch it yourself, and even when you can’t, finding a choice new grill can take care of the subsequent droplets on your shirt.

Get a pedicure. Taking care of the healthy afterglow of shaving (period, pelvic floor movements!), smooth sagging or well, bad breath can be improved. The key is just to get the job done. Rather than waiting for good breath, bring a bottle of mouthwash to the session, as it exfoliates, it will rid the body of those harmful toxins.

Don’t complain about your logo. Kids will appreciate not being patronized for your logo and it’s less likely to turn them off socially instead of turning them off from the conversation. The good news is, there’s an art to designing logos that actually looks good. Pick a word that has a nice ring to it, and try to make it a standout: asking for help will mean they love you even more. Having an authentic logo is generally also a great way to build confidence.

dress your children for success
Dress for Success
Source: Scholastic Parents

1. Get an Oriental Standing Style

Who wouldn’t want their kids to enjoy their Saturday mornings? Sure, they may not be as dapper as someone like Jocko Willink, but they can still do a great job of looking polished, sophisticated, and successful. After all, an unsuccessful career may be taken to mean you lack ambition, rather than a lack of focus.

While you may want your kids to be intensely focused on gaining financial success, giving them aristocratic fashion sense will set them up for success in more ways than one. See? Stylist.

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Dress your children the way they would choose

2. Get points to dress your children

When your oldest starts preschool, often the fun part of getting dressed starts. Children know that after they put on their PJs, they have to look “good” for both peer and teacher approval. If they don’t rival your favourite dresser, they may as well wear the same undershirt and find themselves missing out on all the fun.

Your attention to detail between the ages of 5-8 is so important that you can set them and their classmates up for success in school, by making sure they neatly layer their PJs. It may be easy to tie the high-rise style collared shirts together with the tight-knit sweaters, but don’t forget to stick to the recommended two-and-a-half-yard pile of socks.

Putting their uniform together at this age will set them up for life, especially if they work hard enough and are smart enough to become first-generation entrepreneurs, proving that financial success is achieved in more than just money.

3. Invest in an Outfit that makes Everything Fabulous

With the popularity of flexitarian diets in the MyFitnessPal community, you may see people gain weight very quickly. While this is so far from inevitable, it’s easy to sympathize. Let your children know that if they can create what a fitness pro refers to as a “halo effect,” they will look more attractive to everyone than someone who has spent years honing the art of shrugging off compliments.

With the vitamin D in salmon, fortified breakfast cereals, natural peanut butter and colourful kale, there is no excuse for your child to begin losing their natural colour in a lacklustre effective manner. Instead, start with a few pieces of fruit and sneak in a glass of red wine each night.

If they can afford it, they can get more creative, experimenting with baked almond butter, hummus, fish sauce, sardines, or tilapia. They will have fun while also setting themselves and everyone else up for success.

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Dress your children for success.

4. Dress your children gently

No child should be left to decide how to dress without you there to offer a little nudge. Dress your children in a way that slows their self expreddion.

Just like other parts of their upbringing, dressing children should be an extension of their personality. What you say goes, and making it to the top doesn’t mean anything unless your child embodies that success.

Give them the freedom to express themselves. As people get older and start dressing more formally, children learn what kind of behaviour is expected and what is acceptable. As parents, we need to help our children keep up with the latest trends, but we can only do that so well if we also instil a sense of self-confidence and independence in them. Here are some ways to encourage self-expression without sending them into a world of hurt.

Our kids can see right through us if we try to make them conform — especially if the part about not trying is because we owe them. Don’t expect them to remember your ‘style filter’ when they have record labels and pop hits to follow. Share your playlist with them and let them make the music for themselves. USING COLOUR CHANGES TO CHANGE HOW YOUR CHILDREN FEEL about SUCCESSFUL brings a whole new meaning to playing dress-up (which is also good practice in general).

Don’t Be Manipulative

Our children can tell when someone is being manipulative. It’s easy to confuse trying to get something for a little bit of attention and feigning gratitude for everything in the proverbial blink of an eye, but it always comes back to a cheap shot.

If you’ve got things you need to do for your business or career, let your children help you do it; otherwise, let them give you a break.
If someone owes you a favour, might as well repay the favour by asking them nicely when you ask them to do something you know they can handle.

For example, if I gave my oldest son a candygram, he could hand me the cash. It’s unethical to expect anyone to do the dirty work, especially kids, so it’s best just to ask nicely.

Even if your child thinks it’s awkward, it could teach them that kindness is the most valuable commodity of all.

While it’s easy to let children dictate how they look, they should be free to express themselves with their facial hair. As parents, we have to allow our children the freedom to vary in their appearance so that they know how to stand out.

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