As a long-time sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis, I have made it my main purpose in life to learn as much as I can about MS. Hoffman Sign is just one of the many symptoms that can present with this debilitating autoimmune disorder.

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In an earlier life, and in a previous incarnation of this Blog. Hoffman’s Sign was just a brief note of little merit or consequence. Indeed, it comprised only 109 words. Considerably fewer than the minimum of 300 suggested by Yoast SEO.

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Hoffman’s Sign

There are many telltale signs that can foretell a possible diagnosis of Multiple  Sclerosis. Hoffman’s Sign is just one possible indicator that not all might be well in your cerebral cortex.

Hoffman Sign

Hoffman sign is a test that may reveal the presence of a lesion in the upper motor neuron in the spinal cord.

A positive sign occurs when there is a reflexive response in the thumb, to tapping the nail of the third or fourth finger. Normally, there should be no reaction from the muscles that control the thumb.

A positive Hoffman’s test may be associated with a lack of grip in the affected hand.

There are a number of neurological conditions which may elicit Hoffman’s response which include: cervical spondylitis, spinal cord compression, upper motor neuron disease and multiple sclerosis.

This is an MS indication I have no personal experience with. It is not a test that I recall ever having undergone. And one, which if I try it now produces no expected response.

However, most of these multiple sclerosis signs, are just that, they are indicators. They must be interpreted by a specialist, who will assess these results in conjunction with other test results to make an assessment.

Multiple Sclerosis Indicator

Quite clearly, this post no longer contains only 109 words. Indeed, by the time I have completed my round-up and signed off. The post should exceed the Yoast SEO prescribed minimum of 300 words.

It is always useful to revisit old posts, to see what my thought processes had been at that time. It also gives me a chance to update the posts, breathing a little new life into them.

However, I have no wish to sound like a hypochondriac but, I am sure that is how I will be perceived.  There are a number of MS Signs like this Romberg’s Sign, and I experience them all most notably Uhthoff’s Symptom or a need to avoid the summer heat.

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Hoffman Sign a possible MS indicator

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