When you choose to grow a beard it is essential to choose the right beard care products to enhance the growth and care for your skin. Here we’ll look at the best beard oils, balms, and waxes out there today. At the end of the article, we’ll break down what the differences are between which ones are the best for you.

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A well-maintained beard can make a man look more elegant and stylish. Women will love beards and men with beards are always viewed as more masculine. Although beards are common in many parts of the world, there are some who consider beards to be a sign of laziness and bad hygiene. Some people will think you’re less professional if you have a beard, but that’s their problem. Beards are not only desirable but they’re also stylish.

You’re most likely reading this because you’re looking for tips on how to care for your beard. You’re probably tired of dealing with itching, flaking, and excessive oiliness, which is why you’re here. But you may be surprised to hear that your beard isn’t the problem — it’s your skin that needs some TLC. Read on for some great tips on keeping your skin happy, healthy, and beard-free.

Your beard is an extension of your personality so it’s important to take good care of it. And the best way to do this is with a solid beard grooming kit. I’ve put together a list of the most common beard grooming products, why they’re necessary, and what they do. This way you can be sure that your beard is its healthiest and most handsome.

Beard Care Products
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Best Beard Care Products

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It’s true, men’s grooming has become a serious business over the last few years, with men now spending more on beard and general facial hair care than their female counterparts. With so many brands battling for market share and so many products on offer, it can be difficult to work out which beard products are right for you. We’ve put together a list of the best brands and products, so you can at least enjoy a trim.

Looking to get your growing out? Here’s our recommended list.

Best Beard care Razor

Beardless razors can be a stylish way to show your baggy red pate one more time. Most of the current top-ranking beardless razors are made by Panasonic or DE Razor and are made with full metalheads. Some of these razors have a straight whisk.

They’re easy to use and have just the right amount of handle that adjusts properly from full by the pinch of a hand to the instant-close position.

If you’re doing anything strenuous, be it shaving, waxing, or otherwise, you’ll need some self-confidence. The beard care products that can help have different effects for different people are groin balms, shaving soap, shaving wax and shaving creams, shaving razors, and shaving blades.

Some of the beard care products out there may also play a role in slowing the growth of whiskers. But we recommend researching what these products are and which effects they have before you try shaving with them. On top of that, we really recommend you look for a safety razor on this list so you don’t end up in the emergency room with a bad beard and scratch marks on your forearms.

Best Beard Products for Vegans and Armpit-Only Men

Just in case you just can’t get all the products on here, here’s what you need to know:

Beard Oil – Spiced Sandalwood Scent, 1 oz, Leven Rose

Leven Rose Spiced Sandalwood Beard Oil is organic, pure & manly = your beard soft + manageable. Made with Jojoba, Argan, Rosehip + Essential Oils.

Put a dime-sized amount in the palm of your hand, then rub into fingertips. Use your fingertips to apply the oil to the skin under your beard.

Beard Balm & Conditioner

Some human studies suggest men who use a beard balm and conditioner may see small improvements in their whiskers, which furthers the argument for those products. That said, a vegan or an entirely vegan diet doesn’t preclude using any products that help so, overall, we can’t really say for certain what a bearder’s self-confidence will be affected.

Many users agree that this product works well for slick, wet scalps and the one natural ingredient (pine needles) means it won’t leave your skin with razor burn or scabs. There’s no research to back this up, so if it helps you feel less anchored in your whiskers, it’s certainly a worthy product to try.

Boar Bristle Beard Brush, 1 pc, Leven Rose

100% Boar’s Hair Bristle Wooden Beard Brush made from bamboo and real boar’s hair for the best natural brush for beards by Leven Rose.

An essential part of your beard care tool kit.

Best Beard Product for No-Beard Growth

This product isn’t necessarily marketed toward the beard-growing community, but it’s undeniably a beard product no one can ignore. When you shave with this product, you’ll start forming better whiskers over the course of 3-4 weeks. If you don’t mind the smell, it just comes off fine.

If you’re brand new to growing a beard, there’s no better starting point than a beard oil massage. This two-part series from 1 Lesson Labs will help come to terms with the smell, flavour, and texture of a beardless body.

Wood Beard Comb, 1 pc, Leven Rose

Give Your Beard and Mustache What it Deserves.

100% BAMBOO WOOD Beard Hair Comb made from pure bamboo for sturdy beard care – smooth, natural and comfortable.


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Original Beard Balm, 2.5 oz, Bulldog Natural Skincare

This beard balm contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. Specially formulated to soften, condition and moisturise the beard.

All our products are purpose-built for men and contain amazing natural ingredients.

This Is How Short I Look – YouTube

Why It’s Great For: They say you don’t know a man until you know how he smells. If smelling your product makes you think of pretzels, bacon, and men who show their underwear on YouTube, then you’ve obviously had good luck with your browsing.

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In the research phase, the latest research is highlighting the incredible beard oil market. A 2016 study found that one in three facial hair suffers from its own type of dryness — known as follicular hyperkeratosis, and so oil plays a key role in treating the condition.

Thankfully, today’s beard oil options meet the high bar set by oleo (pronounced “oil-sun”), which has won the “World’s Most Delightful Beard Oil” award.

Original Beard Oil, 1 oz, Bulldog Natural Skincare

This beard oil contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. Specially formulated to soften, tame and condition your beard.

All our products are purpose-built for men and contain amazing natural ingredients.

The Fine Art of Beard Care Oil

Just looking at the label of any beard oil bottle may be a red flag, they’re often liberally coated in “nofil” or “nope” on the front.

These “subtle” words are not chemically scent-contaminated, but the scent is enough to set off any exhalers’ nostrils, which confirms that “smells like “rancid butter”.

You may even find a few advertised as “sniffles” or “snap peas”. Curing and then re-fragmenting the oils creates ideal bathing conditions for whiskers, so the aforementioned research also suggests you’ll need to apply them multiple times per day for maximum benefits.

If a product claims to have “camouflage” or “natural musk”. It may be delivering a natural product. But you certainly don’t want to purchase a beard oil that comes in a bottle say “Gray Death Beard Oil”. Many companies have phased out the musk fragrance years ago. In an effort to keep their shelves stocked with “clean” products. Now, crafted with only the highest-quality essential oils. These products can taste almost as good as a nice cologne without all of the problematic ingredients (which is exactly why they’re prized by the health-conscious set).

Original Beard Shampoo & Conditioner, Bulldog Natural Skincare

This 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. Specially formulated to cleanse your beard leaving it soft, fresh, nourished and conditioned.

All our products are purpose built for men and contain amazing natural ingredients.

Choose Beard Care Carefully

But that’s not the only reason to pick up a bottle of oil. Our experts developed a list of reasons to suggest new-to-you beard oils or products you’re familiar with.

    Beard oils are a natural product so of course a company will innovate with the natural component. But remember, you may not have to spend a fortune on a new bottle every time a new innovation arises. Even Rand’s “five bucks” rule is a thing of the past: One person’s trash is another person’s priceless find. Pair your product with the right shop. Whether that’s a local barbershop or one of our competitors — and you’ll find it’s going to be a steal.
    Canola oil may fetch a pretty penny, but it’s nothing short of a miracle worker for your whiskers.
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