5 Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms That Are Not What You Think

Fuzzy Lighthouse

5 Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms that are not what you think. Some MS symptom can be completely bizarre an a real red herring.

A number of symptoms can accompany multiple sclerosis (MS). These 5 Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms are often mistaken for flu, food poisoning or other common illnesses. Here’s a list of some of the most common MS symptoms and why they happen.

Are you being overwhelmed by Gut Brain Connection

Overwhelmed Student

Are you being overwhelmed by multiple sclerosis, or are you being overwhelmed by gut brain connection which might be affecting your mental health?

The gut is a two-layer organ, the epithelial layer, which covers the entire length of the small intestine, and the mesenteric layer, where we encounter the visceral layer. Gluten, casein, lactose and sugar all affect the gut microbes; again this has a profound influence on the health and function of the gut-brain axis.

Which types of business benefit the most from Artificial Intelligence

Cog of Business

Artificial Intelligence or AI is fast becoming the way of the future but which types of business stand to gain the most benefit.

As business owners, we are always looking for ways to improve our productivity and efficiency. It’s no secret that technology has played a huge role in helping us do just that. In fact, advances in technology have been so significant over the past few years that they have led to the development of an entirely new category of business tools – artificial intelligence or AI.