Estefan was a proud MS Warrior. He fought his disease with everything he had and never gave up. However, as he aged, the fight grew harder and harder.

One night, Estefan had a very strange dream. In his dream, his email inbox was bursting with fan mail from adoring followers of his health Blog. This unlikely scenario was the stuff of dreams until he went to his office the check his Blog traffic statistics.

The Language of “MS Warrior”

Estefan is an ageing man fighting an autoimmune disease. His particular affliction is multiple sclerosis and he prides himself on being a stubborn MS Warrior.

However, one night, he had a very strange dream; his email inbox was bursting with fan mail from adoring followers of his health Blog. This unlikely scenario was the stuff of dreams until he went to his office the check his Blog traffic statistics.

He could not believe his eyes! His Blog traffic had shot through the roof and it was earning money. Real money. Enough to support him and pay for his treatments for years to come! He immediately set to work writing more posts, fuelling the firestorm of interest in his health advice.

But, he was living the dream. This does not happen in real life. But then what is reality.

A Proud MS Warrior

In the fading light of day, an old man hobbles out to his garden. He has fought a long and hard battle against Multiple Sclerosis, but he is not about to give up now. He plants his cane in the soil and starts to weed.

As he works, he thinks back over his life. How he loved studying biology in school, and even more than that, how he loves sharing what he’s learned with others. That’s why he started blogging about his health struggles years ago. It was a way to connect with others who were going through the same thing, and maybe help them out along the way.

He never could have imagined that his blog would take off like this! The last few months have been unbelievable. Could he have succeeded finally?

Estefan was an intelligent man. He could figure out how to gain blog followers if it was the last thing he did.

He had spent months analysing traffic statistics and he was beginning to see a pattern. If he could just replicate this success a little more consistently, maybe he could turn his dream into a reality.

But it wasn’t going to be easy. It would take a lot of hard work and dedication. He would have to write interesting content that people wanted to read and find new and engaging ways to market himself online.

But Estefan was determined, and nothing was going to stop him from realising his dream.

The Latest Blog Post

Estefan could feel the excitement bubbling up inside him as he typed the final sentence of his latest blog post. This was it, this was his big break. He had been dreaming of becoming a successful blogger for years, and now it seemed like his dream was finally within reach. This was the reason to be a proud MS Warrior.

He hit publish and waited with baited breath to see how well his post would perform. Within minutes, the likes were pouring in and he knew that he was on to something. This was it, he had cracked the code and now he was destined for Blogging glory.

For weeks Estefan worked tirelessly to replicate the success of that one post, tweaking and refining his content until he had a formula that worked consistently. His efforts finally bore fruit. The traffic numbers were increasing steadily. His Google AdSense earnings were reaching new heights. This was unthinkable.

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