Blogging is a great way to build your personal brand, connect with like-minded people, and give your online presence a boost. To make the most of your blog, however, you’ll need traffic and exposure. Get started right now by following these 7 tips for adding more value to your blog.

Best Blog Topics dtermine your blog success

Have you ever checked out a brand’s blog? What did you like, what didn’t you like, and what could be improved? If you liked the content on the blog, why would you ever visit the site again?

My guess is you fell in love quickly. To reiterate, most people won’t return because they “didn’t like what they saw,” or the content “was boring.” Unfortunately for the brand, it means their blog isn’t growing through traffic. Whether it’s the content (blog or site), design, layout, or everything else, it’s hurting your online presence.

Boring is the new cool. If your blog’s posts read like they were written by a high schooler, you might be guilty of the following issues:

  • Clear messaging (Boring is overused on many blogs)
  • Incorrect/dated topics (Old content with outdated audience)
  • Crazy meme-like formatting (This post will get an extra lotta “LOL!”s)
  • No one is reading your blog

If you’re feeling lost, it’s important to remember that traffic is only part of the puzzle, especially if you’re offering content that is relevant to your vertical’s community. Thus, don’t think that the fewer times a visitor visits your site, the better it will do for your brand. Most people rent their internet time, not spend it with you.

Value to your Blog

value to your blog
How to Create Massive Value Content
Source: ProBlogger

Two ways to make your blog Stand Out. If your blog is in a competitive vertical (dating, for example), you should strive to do three things at once:

  • Write truly quality content
  • Keep your content “on-topic” and relevant
  • Clearly communicate who, where, and how your readers can contact you
  • Add Value to your Blog

Keywords Incorrect/dated topics: I can’t count how many different blog posts from this writer I’ve read (and many times, not eventful), and the topic is completely outdated. It’s like they’re writing about 2017 and wanted to mash up the 2016 version. Who’s gonna listen?

Notice I didn’t mention keywords. Enter “ON LANDING POT”? No one wants to read about people messing up their dating or travel plans on a pot because they’re too dumb to spell correctly. Maybe they’ve decided it’s time for potty training, but you won’t get the viewership.

Keywords are Essential value to your Blog

Try these simple but effective tactics to make your blog more catchy and engaging.

If you’re on the advent of a new feature on your blog and thereby adding value to your blog, test it by adding a simple test to your homepage. One of these test pages should allow you to check the new piece before publishing. When you publish, link to the front page test page so visitors can see how the content performs.

Here’s an easy test you can do to figure out how many views your blog has received over the past 30 days.

Go to your blog statistics, click on Today’s Top Posts, and count the number of views for each post. You should be able to identify trends in the data over time.

Using Google Alerts, I monitored my blog’s stats every day and noticed some interesting trends early on.

For example, the number of views for my first post was only 22, but gradually increased through the day and peaked at nearly 45 views on Day 3.

You can see that by using a template, creating short descriptions, including a call-to-action, and distributing information strategically, I built a solid foundation for a thriving online business. If you choose to focus only on traffic and not on views, you may find it becomes overwhelming. Casual blogging can quickly become a form of spam if it’s not managed properly, so make sure to add as much value as possible to your content.

Danielle Radford also recommends looking at the top blogging sites in your niche. A popular blog in her niche should have a high average read time (how long people spend on your blog).

Create a Personal Brand

Magnificent Mind at Any Age (DVD)

Magnificent Mind at Any Age inspires viewers to explore the many natural ways they, their family and friends, can boost their brainpower, attack common brain illnesses like ADD, anxiety and depression, and increase their chances for long-term brain health.

What advice can you give an immediate family member of someone who just died of Alzheimer’s disease?

Personally, I like to check my stats each day, making sure I don’t have an overabundance of traffic or views. My trends show that on certain days, the views for my most popular post were lower than normal, possibly due to high competition from other blogs.

Keep track of the most popular blogs in each niche. Use Google alerts to check the global stats for your blogs, so you can see what each niche is getting in the way of.

Creating a personal brand is far more difficult than attracting followers, so it’s often easier to stick to just one blog to help raise your profile and garner attention. Sticking to just one blog can also help you craft an article that resonates more with readers, so you can foster an audience.

In her article, Headline Analyzer, Danielle Radford outlines the simple tactic of using the most popular headlines on the internet to help strengthen your article.

As you can see with my results from my first post, it was effective, but it may have taken a long time to hit that peak of over 45 views.

Here’s what I want to improve on next:

Feel free to use the infographic below to help you optimize your blog for potential success.

Blogging Hard drives results

Bloggers on Towersize, Huffington Post, ProBlogger,, and the blogs you read each day are all busily creating incredible content creating velocity. However, this is a game of leads, and those take time and effort. One of SEO’s primary activities is to match blog posts with corresponding 9 to 5 jobs through our client Q&A forum. We then refer those leads to our key contacts as possible job sources. Twitter is another great community interaction discovery engine, so interact with your readers and tweeps in a genuine way.

Create a compelling title and get identifiable links: Every Time you blog, write down a shortlist of benefits under the title of your post. Although this provides direction for your post (website name, benefits, key dates, etc.), the content on these pages is pretty thin on solid substance. They’re often considered multiple title tag sprints as opposed to chunky blog posts.

Have a proper introduction biasing link advantage: Do you want to free up your limited blogging creative juice and augment your headline?

Add a shallow intro that describes your post in simple terms, is the easiest way to add value to your blog. Most people read with their eyes, so make the post about how your keywords phrase is what they want. When scrolling through your blog, if you notice a high number of links from relevant high-quality domains (not directories), make sure your first few posts are with relevant top-level domains.

Be confident – post about what you know to be a good subject. Posting what you know adds a personal touch of value to your blog.

Write for an engaged audience

Although content is certainly vitally important, when trying to grow one’s online persona it’s important to remember that you want to maximize reputation power so that your brand becomes a go to resource on the topic (this is called credible content). Put yourself in the shoes of potential visitors. If you blog about anything and everything online, then it’s likely that you’re already a subject matter expert on the subject at hand. Therefore, the information in your post makes your subject matter expertise more obvious to both the audience and search engines.

Reading a blog is only half the battle. You have to act like you are actually reading the post. This engagement engages visitors in a deeper way than merely reading. When building blog posts, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Little moves like using bullet points and using gather URLs make it easy for your visitors to absorb and follow along with what you’re saying.

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7 Ways to Add More Value to Your Blog

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