Raising smart, healthy children is a challenge for any parent, especially the young, first-time parents. Who do you turn to for trustworthy advice? I wanted to raise independent, responsible children.

7 Tips for Responsible Children using Good Parenting Skills

On My 40th Birthday, I turned to Tracy R. Rutherford, an experienced, elite endurance runner.

I didn’t have a golden ticket to winning the genetic lottery (that would be my daughter right now), but rather she knew I wanted to enjoy my youth as a Mom to healthy responsible children who could want to achieve similar milestones. Well, like any good coach, she gave me specific ways to help me raise my children to be life-long learners, lifers, athletes, and leaders.

It makes me laugh now to think of when I was brutalized by physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive childhood partners. It’s hard to comprehend that, but nobody’s perfect. Having been raised by ultra-successful parents, I expect the same for raising my responsible children.

But Tracy’s insights helped me realize I needed to be much better than the kids in school to raise them well. Ask yourself: Do the typical characteristics of the kinds of individuals you would expect to succeed in school apply to you?

Are they the legends in your life? Know they are there because their parents raised them well, knowing the stakes? Having been raised in a family of reports, it may not come as a surprise that my latest, youngest child holds many, but not all, of the traits Tracy, posited for success.

Her truthful scholarship to becoming a teacher, academic excellence, conscientious work ethic, leadership, and the ongoing pursuit of success.

She has qualities my kids don’t possess but I am happy because my responsible children get my leadership parenting every day.

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How to Raise Responsible Children

Responsible Children
How to Raise Responsible Kids – Not Just Obedient Ones
Source: Self-Sufficient Kids

I’m not saying you can’t raise good children. I’ve raised a lot of bad kids. What I am trying to stress is. How hard it is to raise all-around, highly dedicated, self-aware, and trustworthy loyal people. Who can age gracefully and effectively into leaders? When they have achieved the daily reflecting and refining skills that succeed in school.

Here’s a quick summary. It would probably make for a bad SAT essay topic. By leader, I mean a person who leads by example, who leads others to move toward a common purpose or objective, and by characteristic, I mean those things the child inherently has the strength of character, self-confidence, initiative, perseverance, and resourcefulness.

By skilful, I mean individuals with excellent organizational, creative, business, or athletic skills. As well as positive attitudes, who can apply numerous talents and develop self-awareness. All outstanding leaders have the drive to accomplish goals. With instinctual, conscientious effort to achieve hard goals (thinking), and attack the enemy (activity/organization).

At the core, it’s the personality all day.

What should you think about when shopping for new baby products? And which of these new parents has enough sense to dress appropriately (while they’re at it)?

Cosmetic experts have answers and concerns for you, too. Worn out faces and requests for 13th-century surgery are certainly not all that popular with moms. But teeth whitening products are beloved by moms of modern and alternative generations, too. Educating yourself on modern trends can actually add sophistication to your son or daughter’s early social life.

Here, cosmetic and on-and-off-again doctors, including some who work closely with parents. Shaping their tweens, provide guidance as to which parents need which baby products. And whether or not to invest in them.

Baby Stella Beige Doll with Brown Hair – MHTOY

This Baby Stella doll has brown hair pigtails and is dressed in a striped outfit with Velcro-like closures for easy dressing. Baby Stella is an award-winning doll collection that is a perfect, first soft doll to inspire creative role play in little ones.

Baby Stella dolls have lifelike toes, belly buttons and plump tummies, embroidered features removable outfits, diapers and magnetic pacifiers.

Investing for the Future

This isn’t the first time we’ve asked the question above, but many women today are asking questions like how best to care for a wayward baby, or how to keep his curly hair curled without risking an unwashed shirt?

Before answering such questions, consult a doctor. Her answers can really make or break an investment. Or choose your favourite parenting footwear, and she might be able to suggest new products. Or provide you ways not to overindulge in your kid’s new creations.

The same goes for hearing about the latest skin cream or sunscreen. It’s understandable if your older daughter just can’t wait to put on that vitamin D oil bottle. Or if your younger son doesn’t like the new, earthy yellowish-green apricot family cares so much. But they may like the benefits your chosen products offer, too. And if you’re around, you may be able to encourage several more hours of jam-packed lunches.

Things really can be simple when it comes to caring for a child but not when it comes to photographic images. As parents love to process and reflect on their children, they need realistic representations. Unfortunately, companies market adult children as super cute, not to mention profitable, streams of profit.

Be sure that whatever product you purchase doesn’t make you dread your son or daughter.

Dancing Alligator – PLAN

This cute alligator will provide endless hours of entertainment. Watch it walk and listen to the clickity-clacking sound it makes as you pull it along! The bright colours and fun sounds will make mom smile too.

Position your Kids for Success

We all have a dream of spending tons of quality time with our family. But each individual needs to be allowed to live in its own time zone. Which has its own etiquette of beauty. In the beginning, it can help to have some official guidance. As to how things are done at home and in the presence of your children. But as they get older and more independent, this can get trickier to manage. The older the generation, the more important it is to both you and your children to establish techniques for respectful social interactions.

How much education do you need to get your kid to the healthy place their bodies need to be? What foods should be avoided? And what do you do if the advice you’ve been given is not working?

We often say that “Resist the Temptation to Be All Foodie All the Time” but what does it really mean? How about educating yourself instead of requesting your kids follow your foodie trends? Simply being informed can include attending school, taking a few cooking classes, or signing up for a variety of wellness clubs.

Read on and raise smart healthy kids!

First and foremost, it’s important to start the education before your child gets to school-age. First, check to see that your kid is able to independently access healthy foods on their own. For example, if your vibrant toddler shops for or cooks her lunch from scratch at home, then perhaps in an hour or so she can venture out and purchase kale as a snack.

Rocking Pegasus – PLAN

Let your child’s imagination soar as they fly through the clouds with Pegasus! This rocking horse, by PlanToys, is equipped with a winged saddle, footrests, and a magnificent adjustable fabric backrest.

3 Ways to Start Keeping Healthy Foods as the Right Habit for Responsible Children

During the early years, teach basic principles that are safe and nutritious. That includes store-bought snacks that can’t be microwaved like carrots, celery sticks and applesauce. Also, teach kids the difference between leftovers and no-cook meals. Introduce healthy ingredients gradually, beginning at an early age. For example, maybe your kid makes fruit smoothies for their walk to school, early afternoon snack, or afternoon snack. To prevent pre-existing health conditions from sabotaging your efforts, introduce your kid to as many sources of nutrients as possible. Consider the grocery store, farmers market, health food store, recipes, and apps to find as many choices.

(For more inspiration, check out 10 Creative (And Cheap) Ways to Help Your Responsible Children Get Started with Healthy Eating.)

As mentioned above, engaging children in the choice process early can help them build a healthy relationship with food. And learn about the importance of eating foods in their season. In whole, and with little added sugar and added salt. Introverts often struggle with sitting still for too long while waiting for the lunch buffet. While extroverts could be deterred from a conversation with others while rushing to grab the first crumby apple. Part of how your kids learn about healthy choices is by playing with the ideas, but don’t stop there. Try planting seeds in the ground that will produce vegetables and fruits. That comes back to sprout at the next season.

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