For millions of people, traditional medical treatments or pharmaceuticals are simply not enough to overcome an issue. Like chronic pain or anxiety. For them, medical hypnosis is an effective way to treat the root cause. Of the issue, rather than simply correcting symptoms. Here are five ways it can help.

Medical Hypnosis to overcome chronic pain addictions and other health issues

Medical hypnosis has been used for over a century. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can and do work. And there is a great deal of scientific evidence that supports the use of hypnosis. And hypnotherapy in many different situations.

Hypnosis for medical purposes (also known as Clinical Hypnosis) is the therapeutic use of hypnosis by a trained clinician. To help relieve symptoms and improve health. It can be used to treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Including pain, phobias, stress management, childbirth, smoking cessation, insomnia, weight loss, voice problems, sports performance enhancement and confidence building.

Medical Hypnosis for Health Problems

medical hypnosis
Is hypnosis real? If so, what does it actually do? Since the 18th century, hypnosis has been surrounded by an aura of mystery.
Source: Medical News Today

Like it or not, some medical issues and pain can be connected. If your pain is caused in part by an underlying medical issue or your pain stems from other stressful life events. Hypnosis and relaxation techniques can be an effective route to treatment and recovery.

Before starting hypnosis. You can be aware that any medical procedures or treatments, such as pain management or radiation, are likely contributing.

Cary Raffle, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University School of Medicine.

That way, you’ve given your brain time to consider potential causes and ways to dissipate their negative effects. Once you’ve determined that medical hypnosis could work for you, start here. The only way to find out is to try it.

Is Clinical Hypnosis similar?

You may be able to get medical treatments not covered by insurance. If your doctor agrees to do a hypnosis or relaxation treatment. Use a medical hypnosis toolkit or website like to contact a licensed hypnotherapist for assistance. You may be able to get better pain management. And more relaxation from the hypnosis than you could if you went to the doctor or had a standard prescription.

Perform Brain Calming Exercises

Sleep is the most essential healing factor when dealing with any health issue.

Scott Ryan, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist.

Medical hypnosis may help relax you into the best REM or dream state for maximum restorative sleep. From there, you can focus on your emotions and refocus on a feeling-based approach to healing rather than stressing about symptoms.

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Insticts are the wisdom of ancestors

Medical hypnosis can increase the production of the “go” hormone in the brain, which gives you a surge of energy. says, Dr Mosconi.

Not only does this make the medical hypnosis session feel more “heroic” than usual, it also allows you to dig deeper into what you’re feeling, which often makes you feel more secure and grounded. That can make hypnosis a particularly effective technique when approaching tough problems or life events.

Pastoral Setting

When you’re experiencing problems in your life, the natural response is to fight against things that are unfamiliar or challenging. That process releases stress and lowers your immune system, all of which can make it harder to feel better. When you’re under medical hypnosis, your brain shifts so that it’s less focused on the problems you’re currently facing and more focused on the upside in the future. That can help your comfort level remain high throughout stressful situations.

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Strength of Character

Hypnosis can reduce the levels of cortisol, the hormone that increases your appetite and leads to a boost in ghrelin, the hormone that will make you hungry again once your blood sugar is back to normal. This low-stress hormone response is critical for your health, your body produces it to protect you from uncomfortable or potentially harmful situations. When it’s switched off, cortisol continues to produce hormones that sabotage your health at every turn.

Hypnosis can help you regulate your cortisol levels to keep them where they should be.

Helps you Connect

Explaining your experience to a therapist is much easier when you can describe it like you’re experiencing it yourself. Using hypnosis to meander through stressful times feels a lot less like explaining to the doctor and a lot more like talking with a close friend or loved one. Hypnosis shifts the brain into autopilot so you can more easily describe what’s happening, helping you stay present.

Easier to Disconnect

This natural comfort-zone reaction is also helpful when talking to strangers. When talking to a loved one, face-to-face conversation often triggers a sense of vulnerability, which can make you feel more comfortable talking about issues that might be a bit “weird” or “bad.” Hypnosis can help your brain filter out that negativity.

It also takes some of the pressure off of talking to a therapist. When you’re under hypnosis, you’re less likely to return home with a list of requirements for getting the next appointment right. You’re more relaxed during those initial appointments and less likely to feel like you have to perform a long list of things to discuss.

Your mind has a remarkably powerful influence on your body. If you can bring peace to your mind and open it up to explore the possibility of a hypnosis-based solution, you may be amazed at how much better your body feels afterwards.

Practise Higher Body Exercise

Practising higher-body exercises like yoga, Pilates and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve circulation.

By doing so, it can change the way your body deals with various types of pain.

A study in Pain Medicine shows when people with chronic low back pain lowered their blood pressure after a 20-minute HIIT session five days a week, they felt less pain and stiffness in their back. Additional research in the same journal showed a 20-minute Pilates session helped lower chronic pain, anxiety and depressive symptoms. Those results were most pronounced for women.

For people with chronic leg pain, a strength-training program has received a lot of attention for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. Researchers found that three months of resistance training reduced muscle pain and stiffness among people with chronic knee osteoarthritis (KORA) by 24%.

How to Play with your Body Habits

Are you more conscious of how you’re feeling than ever before? Have you noticed weight fluctuations? Research shows hypnosis can help people adjust their perception and feelings regarding sleep. Among the group in the Boston University hypnosis study, those who focused more on hypnosis felt less insomnia and were able to wake up feeling refreshed compared to those who focused on hypnosis who remained sleep-deprived.

How to Play with your Perceptions

Are you trying harder to relax or concentrate than usual? Researchers at Columbia University found hypnotized college students were better at relaxing and focusing than students who weren’t hypnotized, raising the possibility hypnosis may be especially helpful when you need that extra focus.

Remind yourself of Existing Confusions

By telling yourself you are relaxed and have a more relaxed mindset, hypnosis may help avoid any feelings of overwhelming anxiety or fear. For ADD and low motivation, therapy-style hypnosis may help optimize your mood and make it easier to stick to your goals. As mentioned above, research shows listening to sounds that mimic nature can reduce fear and anxiety.

How to Play with your Emotions

There are tons of ways to distract yourself during hypnosis. One of the most common is feeding your brain a specific emotional response. Thoughts about happy or sad situations can change your brain’s physiology, leading to different emotional responses.

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