Each year, millions of tons of clothing end up in landfills. But you can make a difference by supporting eco friendly fashion brands. For tips about how to find companies who make high-quality clothing from sustainable sources, see this article.

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Eco friendly fashion is becoming more and more popular with women across the world. You can now find fashionable clothing that is eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical, without sacrificing style or comfort. These brands are popular with women who want to look good while being fashionable while also being environmentally aware. FriendlyBlog: Eco-friendly fashion is becoming more and more popular with women across the world.

You can transform your closet into a green ocean for clothing when you join a rescue. If you have hardwood floors, you might need to consider thegreenclothing.social to find others who will swap used clothing for you. Not all shelters go through a raffle, so you may need to become a member to swap.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the green movement and the numerous initiatives we have taken to help our nature and environment. Various industries have taken their part and to help do their share. However, the fashion industry has been slow in adapting to this new change.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world today. The carbon footprint is enormous. The textile industry alone is responsible for 80% of all water pollution, according to recent reports.

Eco Friendly Fashion Brands

It’s not just about the clothes. It’s also about the materials and processes used to make them. You can avoid plastics and be eco friendly with these brands.

Volunteerism besides saving lives has helped many of us get ready for the holidays. Chairs from Cross Colours, bedding from Lovestyle, silverware from shul, etc. are all great options. If you have no way to shop cute during the holidays, save your money and enjoy the handmade decorations instead. Jewelry and art are some of the most sustainable hobbies you can engage in for no additional cost.

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Fashion Industry Eco Friendly Fashion

Fashion is an industry that is constantly changing and adapting, and like most other industries there is often a trend towards harder and more natural products. This is where eco fashion trends come into play. Eco fashion is about sustainability and longevity, many of the brands featured below make their garments from recycled or organic materials, creating clothes that are fashionable whilst also environmentally friendly.


Don’t do this if hair is your only concern. Unless you’ve got barrettes, don’t worry. With just a few simple tricks, you can still live a luxuriously styled life. Naturally soft, long hair can work just as well in a wig and palette.

To make sure you get the look you want without hair (or if it gets caught in your styling), blowdry hair thoroughly with something like a blow dryer, not a machine with a fan, which tends to leave curls behind. Most women are trophy winners with straight, naturally silky hair, but find that some people prefer a natural shiny look. Educate yourself if you want to see what your hair is capable of!

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If your date likes flowers and engagement rings, make sure everything in the kitchen, including silverware, counters, glassware, etchings and floral arrangements is compostable or stainless steel (that is, with no signs of rust or stains). And while I’m still wearing pants, wash your silverware annually with a splash of vinegar to produce a rust-free finish.

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If you just joined the world of fashion and have lots of fashion-related questions, this section is for you. At SmartSweaters.com, we’re committed to cleaning the planet by using 100% recycled clothing. With local sourcing and ethical business practices, you can rest assured your sweater purchases are supporting responsible industry practices. We encourage you to take advantage of some of these eco-friendly gig-lines programs below.

Industry Leaders

WomensRecycled.com is donating 100% of profits from sales between now and April 21, 2020, to refurbish women’s restrooms in schools.
BellaOfRedesigns.com is replacing all plastic straws with metal ones for all of its 500 locations in Vermont.
TraditionalOutlets.com is donating 100% of profits from sales between now and April 21, 2020, to refurbish old school buses so they can be resold for energy.

This cigar retailer is donating all of its profits from sales between now and April 21, 2020, to retired firefighters in NJ.

Leading the way with environmentally friendly service offerings:

  • KimptonHotels.com is partnering with 24 eco-friendly hotels for a $1 million dollar donation to protect ice from melting in the Northwest where temperatures are soaring.
  • Nike is donating 100% of sales between now and April 21, 2020, to subsidize renewable energy in the developing world. This effort will create 100 jobs and save 1,500 lives.
  • SwimJen.com is donating 100% of profits from sales between now and April 21, 2020, to eco-friendly hotels and resorts in Nicaragua.
  • HollisterHomeServices.com is partnering with eco-friendly auto repair shops and pet spas in the Bay Area, Washington, DC, and Maryland, to maintain clean indoor environments for communities of color in the Amazon rainforest.
  • Mercedes is sponsoring 2 eco-friendly races in Burley, Idaho to raise awareness about climate change.

However, this plunged during the recession was repaired and donated to an orphanage in Haiti. They also embedded micro-LED light bulbs in the floorhungings and were feeding the poor for free.

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A Word From Our Sponsors

Organic Brands

Yes, we know it sounds like a cheesy infomercial. But if your business or organization can offer a great cause to support, odds are the world will be your oyster. If you’re in a competitive industry, too, it’s time to step up and donate.

Green Sponsor

Dig deeper into your market and report on what organizations are making the biggest impact. Don’t just report the good news, share how you’re funding these good causes in your local community. Compile a list of partners and see if there’s a particular cause beyond a mile run that brings in large sums of funding, while making a positive impact for your community.

Brands willing to commit to choices like these are good news for clothing recyclers. Their commitment to consumer welfare speaks volumes about a business’ commitment to green practices and shows the power of their brands to move the needle on the environment.

But, Organic clothing can be a source of healthy foods, too! (If you’re avoiding or choosing organic, get certified from a third-party leader like Earth Wise to ensure the products you buy have been produced in line with organic standards.) By ensuring the clothing you purchase has been produced in harmony with the earth, you’re also preserving biodiversity by avoiding garments made from non-organic fabrics. Reduce your carbon footprint by buying clothing from sustainable brands, the savings are tremendous.

Furthermore, 600,000 tons of clothing end up in landfills every year because of poor recycling and recycling collection systems. (You should ensure the local recycling or solid waste collection system you use has everything you need to efficiently recycle or landdress that clothing.)

Recycling is the Answer

Giving back to local recycling and re-dressing your closet with 100% organic clothing (no wool, for example) will help reduce your carbon footprint and promote the clothing industry. Here is where to find charitable clothing recycling organizations in your community:

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  • One as a closet. We have bodies.

These things put us at ease, for a lot of reasons, but we should all feel empowered to post our torso, arms and legs on Instagram as part of a happy ‘Uncornerista Swarm.’ There’s no reason that they can’t wait with joy to be unwrapped, done with and shared by other people.

Remember, we like what we wear. And we would all be free, if only for a few minutes.

Fashion at its best is personal. It conveys so much about the quality of a person and their style, and there’s no better place for women to express their individuality than on the runways.

Men should be getting involved, too. Leave the polo shirts and jeans for the dry cleaners. And the pre-packaged, shoe, tank and denim combinations? Put it back in the box!

People know what works for you. Valley greens are your friends. Having fresh vegetables and organic fruits on hand is a great strategy to keep you healthy and prevent mid-run grimaces.

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