As someone who has researched and shopped for back-to-school outfits since middle school. I can tell you that there are certain items that just always sell out first. And while you certainly don’t need to buy any of the items mentioned here. I do recommend checking out the shopping trends of the cool new styles on the market. If you’re in the market for new back-to-school attire.

Shopping Trends Back to School Children Clothing Fashion

It’s that time of the year again! High schoolers are getting ready to take their places back in the classroom and rejoin the world. With that comes all sorts of shopping trends. But one’s that really stands out for me is back to school shopping. Shopping for new clothes can be tricky, especially when you have a particular style in mind. So I thought I’d help you out by sharing my shopping trends predictions. For some of the top back to school items for this upcoming season.

In terms of style, the practical component of these outfits makes the most sense. This is what we’ll be checking out in this list. While you undoubtedly want your kids to be able to get by in their PJs. Your kids also don’t want to be freezing in your PJs, so these trends will help you create something more stylish that will not only keep the kids warm but also look good without a lot of makeup.

Shopping Trends for Fall

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How We’re Shopping Now
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Back-to-school shopping can be stressful, at least when you’re trying to find the perfect outfit for your child. Looking for a cute outfit can be challenging enough. Since we all know kids can be picky (and opinionated). But finding the perfect school outfit can be a real pain point. They’re always trying on everything, and it’s up to us to find the basics that will work with the outfit.

Current Styles

If you’re anything like me, back to school shopping is always stressful. I love shopping for clothes and accessories. But the process of finding the perfect outfit for each day can get exhausting. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. On the bright side, fall is approaching and there are plenty of new trends. To pull from when shopping for back-to-school outfits.


From now on, show your kids that you’re still around with this staple of the 1980s wardrobe. Kids will love the bright blue shirts; the long underwear portion fits right on and covers everyone’s digits without a peep out of place. I recommend criticizing a few PJs from your favourite retailer. And making adjustments yourself (and bringing in secondhand items, so they can nosh on them a bit while you’re shopping and also making additions that fit over their PJs).


By far, the shopping trends for pants you’ll want to have for your kids are the ones with thicker legs. And not baggy, kids will not be able to walk around with unwieldy pants. If you’re looking for even more options for your kids. There are so many ways to pair different kids-appropriate pyjamas together; one pullover with jogging bottoms and boxer briefs is an excellent idea. For even more great options, check out this amazing post by Siobhan DelaCruz. At How To Tie A Perfect Tie (and have your child try on the tie while you prep them for the business of class).

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The shopping trends for a skirt is the number two item on the list; while it makes sense to have your children’s tops and bottoms line up, you need to make sure your kids can zip through the front of the skirt and get to school. So skip the thigh-high Top-Sider necklines and pick simple, long hemlines with no frills or baggy bottoms.


In terms of shopping trends in tops for boys, here are a few ideas for you: half-zip bottoms that are long enough for the knees (if your son is not quite a foot tall) and ankle-length; shorts with thigh-high bottoms (if your daughter is a couple inches shorter); and even short-sleeved button-up shirts.
For tops for girls, make sure your daughter has tummy tuck-outs and that there are not too many buttons or zips on the top.

With a growing population, there is bound to be major demand for these six items. If you really want to stand out, be prepared to spend a little extra money. (But that’s a conversation for another day!)

High Wire-back Fire Insulation Jacket

This $100 insulated jacket keeps students safe and comfortable in all conditions with its moisture-wicking material from the inside out.
Features include a hood, side pocket, adjustable hood and 450-fill goose down fill.

Shopping Trends Parka Shirt

Flowered Scarlet Red Cover Up With Tassles

The stunning little red cover-up is super girly, has tassels for a nice add on, can be worn on top of a one-piece or two-piece.

Perfect pool-side wear for a relaxing vacation.

This $30 polo shirt is ideal for campus life on summer afternoons. The smooth, lace-up front and chapped collar are perfect for lounging around campus in the dead of summer or going for a stroll in the fresh air in the spring. Most summer polo shirts are forgettable. This one is great to layer over a pair of shorts and get a sophisticated look.

Special K FTC Buckshot Tee

This $60 cotton short-sleeved top is fitted with blue or grey fabrics and provides plenty of coverage in any weather condition. Both the short sleeves and collar are large enough to keep students cool, yet not so long they force you to look like an old man with your wife, dad or a date.

Shopping Trends Pants

You don’t need to deal with sweating through a tank top in the hot Texas sun on a hot day. The JANUARY 7 ballgate back pants will keep you comfortable in any circumstance. These pant in 10 different colours are, according to the company, both comfortable and effective at filtering sweat and odours while keeping you dry. Plus, they zipped to keep them easy to stuff into a backpack or purse.

Gore V Embrace Accessories

These $25 black women’s back accessories are made to go around your shoulders and look stunning in any ensemble. They are made from black microfiber that physically wicks away moisture so they don’t get overly sweaty on hot days. You can put up to seven different accessories on the Brindabella array necklace for a total of nine options for different necklaces and just one simple stand collar.

Look KettleBell Loop Lover Belt

It never hurts to buy a few accessories when the weather is nice. With a $28 price tag, this classic, H-shaped belt is a great choice for when you need to pull off a baseball cap to make it to class in a hurry.

High-back Parka Shopping Trends

For those who take their chilly winter workouts indoors, the technical parka has been a go-to. The weight is nice, the hood is plenty warm from the inside out and the adjustable hood is a great feature to keep your head warm and hands warm inside of your parka.

High Silver-Back Visibility

Whether it’s cold outside or just difficult to gather enough energy to go outside for winter workouts, those with silver-level immunity may want to wear a lighter pattern and pair with a high-silver reflective visor. It’s light enough to prevent being seen by joggers and walkers and provides a clear view of what’s happening beneath your arms.


If you’re going to be outside in the cold, a good layer is a must. Nothing screams winter like a chilly hoodie and carrying a layer underneath can keep you warm and dry while keeping your head from feeling concerned. Plus, a hoodie protects your hands just in case you need to dig into the snow or get wet.

Creamy Nordic Crewshirt

It’s an old standby, but if the cotton sweatshirt you’re currently hankering for just isn’t giving you the results you need, try the hyper-soft merino wool CREWSHIRT. The fabric isn’t quite as soft as premium merino wool, but it has a similar warmth to the silk variety, without feeling scratchy, heavy or bulky. Add some hand and wrist warnings (it has the thinnest leg of the four recommended tips) and you have a warm, comfortable and pressed feel while also being very breathable.

Mini-hydro Hoodie

For those who want something a little tighter in the neck area and to potentially fight against the wind, the mini-hydro hoodie from Noid is a great choice. It’s designed to keep your head and neck dry but warm, with moisture wicking away from your skin to keep you comfortable and dry. It has four different ways you can adjust it — so if it doesn’t suit your needs, try another.

Ultra-intuitive High-visibility Backpack

If you’re going to be outside and the temps are going to be below freezing, there is no better way to stay warm than with an insulated jacket. The textured material ensures there are no drafts to lose multiple layers of heat, even when walking around with a hood up or removing your parka. And even though it’s designed for athletes, the multi-use hood can be worn underneath so the finesse, movement is still a plus for some extra warmth.

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