If you’re trying to learn a new skill, better manage your time and workload or just want to remember where you left your keys, then you need a good memory. Here’s how to improve your memory.

How to improve your memory with neurobic exercises

If you have a good memory, even just a good memento of good times, you are going to be better at remembering and performing things like research and studying, carrying out home repairs and investments, and more.

How can you improve your memory? By getting enough sleep, of course.

But how can you make sure you’re getting enough sleep? Here’s how four experts explain why you need what they call “good zzz”, and the incredible benefits you’ll feel after.

Get 7-9 hours into the evening.

Sleep is so underrated. It is essential for so many things that you do every day.

Michele Rifkin, medical director for SleepSavvy and founder of SleepNumber.

As the “basics” go, sleep is easily one of the most important things you can do for any healthy weight-loss plan or weight-maintenance routine.

The replenishing quality of sleep is important for the hormone regulation of your body, helps control appetite and the production of white blood cells, making you more immune to infection. And, if you’re someone who has trouble falling asleep, the quality of your sleep is even more critical.

Improve your memory

How to Improve Your Memory

Without a solid bedtime routine, you’re more likely to wake up multiple times and toss and turn due to fatigue.

Plus, improved sleep will help with future learning. “The more you sleep, the better you store information in your brain,” Rifkin says.

Not only can you learn new information easily (and remember it!), but sleep conducts “neurochemical processes that aid memory consolidation,” she says.

Not only can you learn new information easily (and remember it!), but sleep conducts “neurochemical processes that aid memory consolidation,” she says.

Certain types of people (like night owls) may have more trouble getting enough sleep, even if they’re well-rested. Set a bedtime earlier to make sure you’re in a bedtime routine, Rifkin says. Also, try to mitigate late-night snacking, and ditch the sugar bowl. Your brain loves the stuff, and it’s no wonder food cravings can outfox our good judgment and leave us feeling sluggish and greedy.

Nap if you have to

If you have a bedtime, sleep through it.

Erin Wagner, registered dietitian and vice president of wellness at Strategy.

If something gets to be really hard to just fall asleep, I recommend you don’t sleep until the next day. It doesn’t mean you have an excuse to skip dinner. Strategic does not mean you’ll be good or bad; it just means if you have obligations, you’re going to have to be working.

“Try getting a little bit more traditional, instead of an hour and a half early, throw on some pyjamas and I think you’ll sleep just fine,” Wagner says.

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We live in a digital world. The number of things you need to learn and remember can feel overwhelming if you’re trying to get in shape, start investing, schedule your day or just remember where your keys are.

The goal is to develop the skills to remember things on autopilot — if you need to find your keys at a party, check where your keys are before you answer the door.
If you practised memorization in school, great! You’ll probably be just fine. Otherwise, move on to four easy ways to improve your memory immediately.

4 Ways to Improve Your Memorization Skills Immediately

Sequence is important for learning long-term memories….The longer the sequence, the better.

School of Park

Whose senior manager of memory science, Eliza Kingsford, studies how the brain processes information and how to increase the length of learning.

Sequence is also important in everyday life: Letters, numbers and the name of your doctor have strong associations, according to Kingsford, and the longer you memorize something in one area, the more your brain will be able to handle in another area, like remembering where you left your keys.

The first step to training your brain on sequences is to identify patterns. The easiest way to do that is use visualization. Try visualizing each letter, number and event, like the letter A and the letter E as a sequence. Even if you can’t remember it right away, your brain will be able to parse out the sequence and use it as a source of information in the future.

Food and Repetition can help

Having the correct stimulus can improve memory for any particular recollection, not just sequences.


A famous study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found people who ate regular school lunches had different memories by the end of the year than individuals who had only occasionally hired teachers for lunch.

What is the best lunch for you? Try away elimination, a science-backed way to make certain foods (like beans, nuts and whole grains) more memorable. It can take up to a month of eating the same food, in the same way, to begin to create the same associations. By eliminating what you don’t like (plays with plate size, cheese, grains and lots of meat), you can quickly start to pair food and form memories.

To get new skills and fresher information, Kingsford recommends plugging one area of your learning practice into a test-like environment. For instance, ask a student a question in school; don’t grade them on a curve.

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