It is said that the right pair of shoes can do wonders for your self-esteem. But how can you find the perfect choice? Here are four stylish men’s shoes that will give you a boost, in more ways than one.

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If chances are you’re currently working from home, you probably know the appeal of rocking a fitted shirt. The latest crop of urban men are jumping on the trend, and who’s standing out from the rest in a world of boxy jeans?

Enter the stretch leggings. Built like a second skin made from stretch denim and topstitching. These are essentially mini-tight-fitting tights (so, really, they are tights). And if you pair these with the right shoe. You’ll gain (what we’ve seen many a man seeking) the confidence to go a little further than you would otherwise.

Boots, riding pants and skinnies? Who needs any of that? Instead, grab the latest iteration of the track shoe. With wide rubber soles and mounted wrist straps (there’s a bonus safety feature on the back of the shoe, too). These shoes offer good traction and stability for speedy runs through the city streets (or a quick bike ride).

Right and proper shoes are essential for any man, working in a professional setting or in one on one situations. And while there are many styles of men’s shoes that offer both style and function, you don’t need to look far for comfort (its predecessor, the crew sneaker was lightweight and comfortable). Working out in these black shoes will give you the grip to smash through those wall bumps, get through that tightrope without putting one foot down, and move that heavy barbell around. And, the built-in heel cinch and rubber Swoosh protect the feet from getting completely crushed.

Shoes That Will Give You a Boost

If you’re an avid runner, then these sneakers will probably hop right on your feet. They’re engineered to be flexible and adaptive, and there are five built-in grippy, cushioned kicks for extra comfort and to keep your feet comfortable, too.

This pair is somewhat underrated. This is one of the best running shoe brands on the market, it even makes a very cool pair of running shoes, but the shoe most popular for years worth of runner feedback and raves is the HUF Tubular. With anatomically correct programable running shoes, and one of the most stylish designs ever, these shoes are going to be on everyone’s favourite athletes.

Shoes that will give you a boost
These Are the Healthiest Shoes To Wear, According to Scientists
Source: Time

If you like the idea of wearing Under Armour gear to work, look no further.

With an athletic fit and sleek design, these shoes not only look good but they’ve been moulded to fit any lucky-looking foot. If you prefer the soft curves of a shoe, no matter how fitful the base layer is, these will give your feet great support.

Baby Pants

Who said children’s wardrobes don’t offer a proper workout? Well, yes they do, or they should. These are comfortable tops that can also be used as work pants. While tucked away, thanks to traction throughout the day.

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Golden Sloth

With its stretchy waistband and elastic fly, these shoes are good for all day, walking, running and just about anything else, including ballet.

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Half Zipper

If you want to look good while working out. The best bet is these shoes with a zippered interior and rubber outsole. Bonus: They’re laced with your choice of four different insoles, providing all-day comfort.


Packed with a grippy, moisture-wicking upper, these shoes offer an extra boost of blood flow to your feet, with each foot having an individual pump for moisture management.


With a high-cut V neckline, these shoes have enough support for your big arms and your legs but won’t hold you up too much on your runs.


The lug on these shoes is frayed at the edges, and they’re now a bit crinkled. But this could be good because they have padded collars and laces that should still provide plenty of grip.

Swift Tar

These shoes won’t hold you up on your fancy 5K or your 12-mile run, but they will put more power down on your feet for their substantial cushioning.

The Heartbreaker

An oversized thumbhole and tapered fit mean these shoes offer a solid all-day fit. Plus, the way they fold over your feet makes them ideal for an active recovery.

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4 Stylish Men’s Shoes That Will Give You a Boost

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